Serving Humanity by providing a ladder for success.


In an internet search, one will come across several cricket teams growing within USA. However, the SAC (Support-A-Child) Tournament has started with specific goals in mind. Few of those goals are to provide good education to a child in need, supporting a child for a year, supporting a child for lifetime, building schools in the Indian villages deep hidden where local government does not have reach. Last but not least is to provide a common playground to cricket enthusiast. Cricket is a game that is played with large number of participants and in the daily busy life it is not easy to find such groups and play the game you perhaps have not even dreamed of playing.

Now, one may think that there are many platforms to help support such programs, so why SAC? Well SAC believes that young and active mind always are bubbling with fresh ideas and much more zeal. Now where else you could find better pool of energy with similar background? Our pioneers, leaders saw this pool of energy in so many cricket enthusiast playing cricket everyday. They also share a common background and common interest. This organization will provide platform that will certainly bring noble goals closer to your heart making it easier to accomplish. So, I welcome all of you to come join us in this noble cause while staying active and develop bigger social network.

Joining this platform, one can reap any and all benefits such as;

  • Play weekly cricket practices mostly played on Sunday
  • Participate in cricket tournaments where cricket matches are played for trophies
  • Develop a bigger social network that often exchange ideas on the cricket grounds
  • Be a cause to provide education to the one in need
  • Support an underprivileged child at the time when he needs it the most. Remember educated community is the best community.

The interesting chemistry of bringing young mind like yours and one of the worlds most popular game together was conceived by our pioneers. These leaders are constantly thinking about improving the lives in the community every which way they can support. Remember, SAC is an all volunteers run and volunteers supported organization. Cricket is slowly becoming a popular game in USA, but existence of public cricket grounds are next to none. We are working with county government to recognize need of citizens and establishofficial public grounds to play, practice and organize various cricket events. Your active participation will help us achieve this sooner. Please contact following individuals for further inquiries. Thank you for taking the time to visit this website and we hope to continue providing cricket fun while serving for a noble cause, that is what we call Best of Both Worlds.